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Lights. Camera. Actor.
Alright Movie

I know, I know. I posted about a DeNiro movie last time, but I’m getting ready for Being Flynn because it comes out today. Anyway I watched 15 Minutes (2001). Nothing with him in it can be bad, but the script for this was really cheesy and it was kind of bad sometimes, especially the villain scenes, I thought it was just kind of dumb and pointless. I liked the directing and editing of it all though, I actually thought it was well put together, especially based on what they were given in the script. DeNiro plays a pretty good cop and Edward Burns does a really good job too. He has a lot of dramatic stuff with a burning building and shootouts and all this fun stuff. The murderers are really creepy and crazy though. I dunno, I had mixed feelings about it. But I was glad that half the cast was at least good at acting. Sometimes the villains were really lame, and other times I was really creeped out and believed them (played by Emil Slovak and Oleg Razgul). Its kind of up to you, Give it a shot, you might  like it, the ending was pretty good and there were plot twists and all that, so, you know. It’s a toss up.