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Lights. Camera. Actor.
Great Movie

I’m not sure how to classify American Beauty, but it was good either way. It was kin of weird and creepy, but the book was written well and the movie was really good. Again, it was really strange and some people may get bored by it, but the directing was fantastic. The acting was awesome too, especially with such strange characters that had such definite quirks and auras, they all managed to pull them off really well, especially Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening, who were just incredible. I was watching it with a friend of mine and they seemed like they were losing interest, (they don’t have very good movie taste, they usually only watch adventure or horror movies) but once they saw the ending they seemed like they enjoyed it a lot. Knowing how it was going to end, I was skeptical of how they would portray it in the movie, but it was done really well and the shock held.

Edit: Somebody reblogged it saying how i was wrong, fbvfdjvbjfv and so on, and they’re right it wasn’t technically a book, I was talking with some people who read the screenplay a couple years ago and I read it online a while back and I guess I just forgot which way it was formatted, appreciate the clarification so at least I wont sound like a dumb-ass in real life.