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Lights. Camera. Actor.

I absolutely love the movie Chaplin. It was one of the early ones that got me into movies and made me start to want to act. Charlie Chaplin himself was a genius and the ability to capture that in a movie would be difficult, and even though it, sadly,  only touches the surface of Charles’ genius, I think it reminds people that he was just a person who had a lot of troubles in his life that led to his incredible films and makes you think of the motivation and meaning behind them. But the real reason I love this movie was the performance of Robert Downey Jr, absolutely blows me away. I’m just thinking about how much time he must have put into becoming Chaplin the way he did, from the accent, to the walk, the dance of the rolls, all of that. I can imagine how much fun it must have been to dive into a character like that. Anyway, this will remain one of my favorites for a lot of reasons and I sort of hope I can get others to watch it and see how fantastic it really is.

Funny Movie

I Find Due Date to be funnier than I think it actually is. Road trip movies can be difficult, but I think, other than the bit with the Mexican border that is absolutely ridiculous, it was really well planned and worked as a story. Zach Galifianakis defined every aspect of the character all the way down to the wierd little walk he does, and he does it fabulously, however I feel like most of his laughs are jut because he was such a ridiculous human being in this. Robert Downey Jr. and him played off of each other well though, they improvised a lot of the lines which i think is pretty impressive. Downey has one scene where he talks about his father where he absolutely nails it, he also gets a chance t get really angry and to shoot some of his one liners. The movie does get stupidly of over the top at times to the point where I wasn’t sure if it would come back, but it did at the end. It’s a pretty fun movie, and Downey and Gaiafianakis fans will love it.

Alright Movie

Just realized that I didn’t post my movie stuff today. Anyway, last night I watched Zodiac because I’d been looking for a Robert Downey Jr. film and I’ll be honest, I was a touch disappointed. It was pretty well made but I felt like the acting sort of fell flat. This probably has something to do with the fact that the characters are based off of real people and so they were limited in their ability to really make the character their own and add quirks and everything. Also, like any thriller movie, some of the actors with really small parts were just plain not good. That being said, I think Mark Ruffalo is the exception to this and I think he did well with his character. Downey also was really good at certain times, but feels forced at others and it was inconsistant. Anyway, the movie was fairly long because it had a lot of story to get though, but if you’re into stories about serial killers this one’s pretty good, especially because it’s true.

Exciting Movies

Had a little Sherlock Holmes marathon today to honor the start of a two week vacation (The newer movies with Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr.) annd even though I’ve seen them both a few times, I enjoy watching them. I read he books when I was really young and sort of watched the old movies, but I was really disappointed because Holmes and Watson were portrayed so differently than they are in the books, but when I saw the 2009 one in theatres, (this was before I even knew RDJ or Jude Law) I fell back in love an reread all the books. Some people feel the opposite way, which is understandable I guess if its not what you’re used to, but either way, the performances, including Mark Strong, Rachel McAdams and Jared Harris’s were amazingly good. I have to give Downey extra praise too, because Holmes is such a unique character. The stories could easily have been written by Doyle, and while they were sometimes far-fetched, and there is a weirdly drawn-out slow-mo scene in Game of shadows, it really shows Vicrotian England as well as the hilarious love between Sherlock and John.

Robert Downey Jr. As I await the arrival of the Avengers

Robert Downey Jr. As I await the arrival of the Avengers