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Lights. Camera. Actor.
Amazing Performance

Watched Raging Bull finally last night. It was a lot different than I expected, but it was good. Jake LaMotta is such an awesome character and there is so much going on in his head. Watching DeNiro do this is incredible. That’s all there is to be said about it. Joe Pesci is really good with DeNiro too. They have some really awesome scenes together. Same goes for Cathy Moriarty.  I thought it was really good, but some people might not like it because it’s not very exciting for a boxing movie, as n the fights are not the key part of the movie. Anyway, I can’t really post about his and not comment on DeNiro’s devotion to his part. First he got in amazing shape to play the Middle weight champ, then gained 60 pounds to play broken down LaMotta. This is just a really awesome mental movie.