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Lights. Camera. Actor.

I really don’t even know what to say. Apocalypse Now was fantastic and everyone needs to see it for so many reasons. The directing and writing was amazing and the acting was really good all around, but I have to say that Martin Sheen had a lot on his shoulders for this character, and the outcome was impressive. There are moments that have such interesting symbolism in them too that made it so enjoyable, some of the really tiny roles in the film had a huge impact on me. Just watch it, now. 

Marlon Brando Birthday

A great time to Recognize more good talent. His was actually yesterday an I feel bad because I didn’t get a chance yesterday, but I’m going to post now anyway.

Basically, Brando was an amazing talent and he got to be part of the rise of method acting. Its pretty awesome just because of the theatrical semi-revolution that was made at this time and he stuck out from the beginning as one of the best and held up all the way through his whole life. He ought to be remembered as one of the greats.

4 Favorite Brando Films:

4. Sayonara

3. Streetcar Named desire

2. Apocalypse Now

1~~ The Godfather

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando

Amazing Classic Movie

I watched Streetcar named Desire today. this was the first time I had ever seen iit, but i understood immediately why it became such a classic. Not only was it interesting to see Marlon Brando so young, but the acting and the adaptation from the play was done really well. Vivian Leigh and Kim Hunter are really good too especially because of their chemistry onstage. They play off of each other really well.  Just a good classic, not much else to say. It’s funny, and emotional and well acted and has a really well written script. Watch it.

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando

So Good!

I watched Godfather Part II yesterday, but I had been planning to wait until I saw all three to write something about it since I watched The Godfather last week, but I cant wait now. The whole cast of both movies is amazing, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, Robert De Niro and Talia Shire. But really, you could only survive three hour movies if the actors are good. You get such an amazing look into the whole history and life style of the mafia. So if you ever have three hours to kill -> Godfather.

James Caan and Marlon Brando Godfather

Robert Duvall and Al Pacino Godfather

Acting is the least mysterious of all crafts. Whenever we want something from somebody or when we want to hide something or pretend, we’re acting. Most people do it all day long.
Marlon Brando