// —> Lights. Camera. Actor. // —>
Lights. Camera. Actor.
I love this movie

I think I have a thing for movies about mental institutions and crazy people. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is one that everyone needs to watch at some point. Jack Nicholson does such a spectacular job, he brings so much into the character and the scenes. I’d have t double check, but I’m pretty sure he won a “Best Actor” Oscar for this, which says something in itself. Other than that, I was surprised when I realized that Danny DeVito was in this, but he well and was almost a comic relief character, even in a serious film like this one. Louise Fletcher is worth noting in this too, she pulled her character off really well, her attitude irritated me as much as it did McMurphey. Anyway, The ending is fantastic, I actually read the book last summer and it’s a really gd adaptation with good writing for both and watch it now if you’ve never seen it.