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Lights. Camera. Actor.
Good RomCom

I felt like seeing some Meryl Streep yesterday, so I looked upIt’s Complicated. It was better than a lot of Romantic Comedies because it was realistic… I guess by that I mean that it had a situation that was extremely plausible and it had sad parts and mixed emotions throughout the whole thing. Anyway, Meryl Streep was wonderful, as always. Alec Baldwin was pretty good too, I think he did a good job with his character but the way hee played some his his lines sounded sort of cheesey, but maybe they were supposed too? It kind of worked. But anyway, Steve Martin was so adorable in this, I absolutely loved all the scenes he was in. Between him and Meryl, I practically cried. The two younger kids were kind of annoying and I didn’t feel like they were great actors and it was kind of annoying because the others were so good, but overall it was awesome. The writing in this I thought was especially good for a RomCom too, so I think that’s worth noting.