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Dustin Hoffman

100th post!

This is a bit overdue because he deserves a lot of praise for pretty much everything I’ve ever seen him in. He has an incredible ability to do the smallest things to help suggest is character, and playing out anything and everything that is given to him. He has an amazing variety of ability. Playing everything from the awkward confidence in The Graduate, the the hilarity of Tootsie, to the neurotic and unemotional Rainman and even, simply to show diversity, the out going obnoxious dad in Meet the Fockers. While he does have a very specific way of acting and you can see common threads through al his characters, it is only a sign of a good actor because he brings a little bit of himself into every role. He’s one of the people where f you see that he’s in the cast, It’s probably good.

Best Movies- Kramer vs. Kramer, The Graduate, Tootsie, Rainman.


The Graduate - 1967

Rainman - 1998

Midnight Cowboy - 1969

Kate Winslet

A lot of people like her just because of her role in Titanic, which I do, of course appreciate because she kicked ass and, let’s be honest, that script isn’t even very good, however I have watched her play many more roles than that and she just makes all of them into a realistic character. She has a skill for interpreting characters, even one’s that have been done over and over, and making them her own. She may not be a comedian, but there shouldn’t be a doubt to anyone that she is a fantastic dramatic actor.

Excellent films of hers: Sense and Sensibility, Heavenly Creatures, Hamlet (1996) and, (yeah i guess I’ll put it in because the acting in this movie was really good) Titianic.



Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Meryl Streep

This post is long overdue because she really does deserve some recognition. In a profession so dominated by men, she persevered and gave all us girls hope of a long standing career, making way for other female actors to do the same. I’m realising that Io haven’t posted nearly enough of her movies, so I’ll get on that, but she plays every part incredibly and she delves so deeply into every part she says, “I believe in imagination. I did Kramer vs. Kramer before I had children. But the mother I would be was already inside me.” Watch for her because she is really good in pretty much anything you could put her in.

Some of her best: Sophie’s Choice, Deer Hunter, Kramer vs. Kramer  Also, but I haven’t seen: Defending Your life and Manhattan

Kramer vs. Kramer

Sophie’s Choice

Incredible Actor

Most people have at least heard of Chaplin, right? I know a lot of people have seen the Robert Downey Jr. movie, but, about a year ago, I saw my first Chaplin movie (you can watch them on youtube) and I loved it. They’re all so good. If you really think you’re going to be bored because they’re silent and black and white, its your loss because he was a genius. It’s not the sort of acting we do anymore, but he someone everyone should know. The comedy and the emotion in it are amazing, without even having any dialogue! Anyway, they’re really a lot of fun, but very serious and even have some meaning behind them. Seriously, watch them, The Tramp is a wonderful character.

The Kid-1921

Modern Times-1936

Love everything he’s done. His bio’s pretty interesting too, if you want to look it up.

Robert De Niro

I love him, he’s really close to Robert Downey Jr. for me. I think he has an incredible talent. Whoever he’s playing, he has so much energy and realism and character. While he does love the roles of Italian New York Gangsters, I first saw him in Awakenings with Robin Williams and it was absolutely incredible, I practically cried (I’ll have to write a review on that movie later). Honestly, I have yet to see a DeNiro movie I dont enjoy, but here are some of my favorites as of now:

Awakenings, Analyze This/Analyze That (sequel), Bronx Tale, Goodfellas, Taxi Driver.

Also, I’m kind of saving Raging Bull and The Godfather series for a few rainy days, but Raging Bull  is supposed to be absolutely incredible and the Godfather.. well i mean, its the Godfather… so…

I will periodically post things like amazing actors and some of my favorite movies of theirs. I watch a movie (usually one i haven’t seen) every night, so its a wide variety of people/movies. 

This guy is just my absolute favorite. It’s not even because he’s beautiful, or because of his super interesting/scandelous past, (however it does earn him some respect) it’s because he is simply an extremely versatile and great actor, everything from stupid comedies to dramas. Not every single one of his movies are amazing, but when he gets a role, he always plays it brilliantly. His performance in Chaplin was really awesome, its an extremely well made movie. He made his way from the bottom to the top fabulously…..and he’s pretty.

 Robert Downey Jr.

Chaplin, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Sherlock Holmes, Chances Are.

Robert Downey Jr. KissKissBangBangRobert Downey Jr.