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Lights. Camera. Actor.

As it is Dustin Hoffman’s brithday, I would like to just say how hugely amazing he is. Honestly, with every single role that he gets he is able to create a wonderful character that has depth and unique quirks or qualities. I am always amazed with his ability when I see him perform, with his energy and honesty with lines. So happy birthday Hoffman, I will watch something with you in it and listen to Simon and Garfunkel. You’ve been an inspiration.

I had no idea what to expect from Midnight Cowboy, but I have to say that it was made really well. I personally really disliked Jon Voight’s character (Joe Buck) so that made the movie less fun for me, but that was more of a personal thing and others probably feel different. Dustin Hoffman was amazing though, I wasn’t sure at first since the character is different than so many of them that he plays, but I guess he can do anything. Neither character was supposed to be a hero I guess, I just appreciated Rizzo more I guess, I don’t know. The way the story built up was pretty cool and I guess just a little insight into New York at that time. I did appreciate the ending though and the whole thing was made well so, it depends on your taste I guess.

Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman


Richard William’s Poster of the 1981 London Film Festival


Richard William’s Poster of the 1981 London Film Festival

Good Classic

Didn;t get to watch a movie yesterday, so I’ll post about one I’ve seen other times- The Graduate. This is one of Dustin Hoffman most well known movies, it’s from the late 60s, but it’s interesting how, even now with so much experience, Hoffman acts much the same way that he did then. With other actors you often see changes, but he was always good. Anyway, the rest of the acting was good too, Anne Bancroft did a really good job in this, playing Mrs. Robinson. This is a pretty hilarious movie and it’s pretty entertaining, but it is predictable and a bit cheesy, but that’s what you get in a comedy. Anyway, this is such a classic film, you have to see it if your a movie person

Also, Music by Simon and Garfunkle :D

Dustin Hoffman

100th post!

This is a bit overdue because he deserves a lot of praise for pretty much everything I’ve ever seen him in. He has an incredible ability to do the smallest things to help suggest is character, and playing out anything and everything that is given to him. He has an amazing variety of ability. Playing everything from the awkward confidence in The Graduate, the the hilarity of Tootsie, to the neurotic and unemotional Rainman and even, simply to show diversity, the out going obnoxious dad in Meet the Fockers. While he does have a very specific way of acting and you can see common threads through al his characters, it is only a sign of a good actor because he brings a little bit of himself into every role. He’s one of the people where f you see that he’s in the cast, It’s probably good.

Best Movies- Kramer vs. Kramer, The Graduate, Tootsie, Rainman.


The Graduate - 1967

Rainman - 1998

Midnight Cowboy - 1969

Cool Movie

I hadn’t seen a good DeNiro film in a while, so I looked up Sleepers last night. I liked it, I was a bit unsure of it at the beginning, but it proved to be extremely dramatic and with good motivation and conflict and everything. As far a acting goes, DeNiro played it really well. Actually his acting in this movie was worth noting because he does have a huge conflict and a lot of thought about not knowing what to do and everything. Kevin Bacon always plays a wonderfully despicable asshole, so he was good. I was pleasantly surprised to see Dustin Hoffman appear in this movie later on. He always adds tiny details into his acting tog et across what he’s trying to portray. It’s great, but he gets hard to understand sometimes because of the voice he uses. The four boys were all good too, but not really worth special mention. same goes for the girl. Anyway, I thought it had a lot of cool metaphors and thought behind it, but it wasn’t the ost amazing as far as editing and script etc.

Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman

Guilty Movie Pleasure…

Ok, I have a confession to make. I love the Meet the Parents series. I know, I know, they’re not even that good, but I find them hilarious. My favorite’s Meet the Fockers, but, I actually like all three a lot. They are acted pretty well, I mean, cmon, Robert DeNiro, Dusitn Hoffman, Barbara Streisand, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson. I dunno, something about the clash of the families really makes me laugh. I think it’s a really good comedy, but if they had chosen anyone but DeNiro as Jack, it would never have worked. They all have really good comedic acting and timing though, so if you’re trying to work on that, it may be something to consider. At the same time, it feels really awkward and uncorforatble at times just because of the situations…. whatever, Already said, guilty pleasure.

Al Pacino- 5’7’ age 71

Robert Downey Jr.- 5’ 9” age 46

Robert De Niro- 5’ 9” age 68

Dustin Hoffman- 5’5.5” age 74

Johnny Depp- 5’ 10” age 48

Chaplin- not even gonna talk about it.

Why is everyone I love short and old?

Funny Movie

I feel kinda funny because I also loved Mrs. Doubtfire, but I watched Tootsie yesterday with Dustin Hoffman and it was awesome well yes, the idea was the same, the situations and the conflicts were different, so anyway. Hoffman, as usual does a fantastic job. Bill Murray, even with the few scenes he was in did a great job comedically and Teri Garr, I think, does her part perfectly. However, Les,the character done by Charles Durning was also really funny. The acting in this, as a whole, was just really good.

Another note about this movie, the characters are actors for the most part, in day-time dramas, so it gives kind of a sense of what it’s like to be on set. Of course it is slightly inaccurate for the sake of the story, but it’s something anyway.

And Dustin Hoffman looks scary-good as a girl…

Fantastic Movie

So, I was in a Dustin Hoffman mood today. I was looking around and I’d already seen most of his really well known stuff, then I happened upon Rain Man. That’s one that my mom loves, but I’d never seen and it was glorious. One of Tom Cruise’s earlier movies, so he wasn’t as good as he sometimes is, but his relationship with Dustin Hoffman was incredible. Hoffman gives a great performance from the moment you see him and it’s hard to do with a character like this simply because there are so few people who would be able to relate to you. You can’t help but want to get into his had and find out what he really thinks. Good Job guys.

Awesome Movie!

Last night I was looking at Meryl Streep movies and I found Kramer vs. Kramer. I knew that was a pretty famous movie so I started it. The first scene, with amazing acting by Streep herself had me hooked. Then about 10 minutes later, I was like, Oh my God, is that Dustin Hoffman. And it was. :D. Although there wasn’t as much Meryl as I was hoping, Hoffman was incredible. At certain moments the script seemed a little funny, so the acting was weird, but mostly it was just a fantastically made movie. Very serious and real and heartfelt, but funny and cute at the same time. Is a must see.