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I just finished The Great Dictator, and i have mixed feelings about it. It was wierd watching it because it had the feel of a Chaplin film, in the choreo (which was both hilarious and beautiful at times), the sit-com like situations, and the laughs brought on in the most intense situation, but the dialogue felt wrong because it had the feel of a silent film and since there was dialogue there was not as much of the music to go with the scenes. Had I not been thinking of it as a Chaplin film, I would have thought nothing of it though. That being said, it was still brilliant. The double casting idea was fantastic, and some of the lines I thought were genius in the way they showed the hypocracy and absurdity of the whole thing. I can see how this would have been a controversial film at the time, but now it sends a message to humanity and is actually a really good movie with awesome symbolism. Also, I found it funny that even the dialogue had that slapstick/Chaplin feel to it, I don’t really even know how to explain it, but if you have watched a few of his movies, you’ll know what I mean. Overall I really did enjoy it.

I absolutely love the movie Chaplin. It was one of the early ones that got me into movies and made me start to want to act. Charlie Chaplin himself was a genius and the ability to capture that in a movie would be difficult, and even though it, sadly,  only touches the surface of Charles’ genius, I think it reminds people that he was just a person who had a lot of troubles in his life that led to his incredible films and makes you think of the motivation and meaning behind them. But the real reason I love this movie was the performance of Robert Downey Jr, absolutely blows me away. I’m just thinking about how much time he must have put into becoming Chaplin the way he did, from the accent, to the walk, the dance of the rolls, all of that. I can imagine how much fun it must have been to dive into a character like that. Anyway, this will remain one of my favorites for a lot of reasons and I sort of hope I can get others to watch it and see how fantastic it really is.

Happy Birthday Chaplin!

So, he’s kind of his own type of talent and it’s really hard to sum him up. Basically, he was a genius and he not only knew how to make people laugh, I cry because of him too, (I mean The Kid? How can you not cry). Anyway, he had this way of making statements about the current times (or Modern Times, if you will :P) and getting messages across that no one else really had the guts too. He deserves praise, that’s all there is to it. Enjoy some of my favorite pictures:

Chaplin Movies

I watched both The Kid and City Lights last night. Before I kind of lumped all of his films together, but I usually watch them two at a time, so I’ll do reviews for them that way too. Anyway, The Kid is one I had seen a few times before and is probably my favorite of thee ones I have watched, I actually cry every single time. It’s the sweetest story ever with such an amazing message. Chaplin does a lot of dramatic acting in this one too and you can see that he really was good at it. City Lights is just amazingly written. Coming up with ways to communicate things to the blind girl and the audience, who can’t hear the words, is incredible and the boxing scene is absolutely hilarious. he was such a perfectionist, he left nothing for anyone to criticize. Liked them both a lot.

Chaplin - Picture from The Kid

Chaplin - Picture from The Kid

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin

Al Pacino- 5’7’ age 71

Robert Downey Jr.- 5’ 9” age 46

Robert De Niro- 5’ 9” age 68

Dustin Hoffman- 5’5.5” age 74

Johnny Depp- 5’ 10” age 48

Chaplin- not even gonna talk about it.

Why is everyone I love short and old?

Incredible Actor

Most people have at least heard of Chaplin, right? I know a lot of people have seen the Robert Downey Jr. movie, but, about a year ago, I saw my first Chaplin movie (you can watch them on youtube) and I loved it. They’re all so good. If you really think you’re going to be bored because they’re silent and black and white, its your loss because he was a genius. It’s not the sort of acting we do anymore, but he someone everyone should know. The comedy and the emotion in it are amazing, without even having any dialogue! Anyway, they’re really a lot of fun, but very serious and even have some meaning behind them. Seriously, watch them, The Tramp is a wonderful character.

The Kid-1921

Modern Times-1936

Love everything he’s done. His bio’s pretty interesting too, if you want to look it up.

Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself.
Charlie Chaplin