// —> Lights. Camera. Actor. // —>
Lights. Camera. Actor.

I was in a DeNiro mood yesterday, so I watched Mean Streets and it did not let me down. It was clearly a Scorsese movie, you could tell just watching it, so if you’re a fan of him, you’l definitely like it. I was not a fan of Amy Robinson (Theresa) in this, but Harvey Keitel, who I just realised while watching it was the guy with long hair in that one Taxi Driver scene, created a really good character and did a good job. Even though he was a smaller role and he was so young, DeNiro really stood out as being amazing. I was not sure how to feel about his character at times because sometimes I hated him and sometimes I felt like I was on his side. Either way, there was a huge range of emotions and attitudes required for a part and he nailed it pretty much all the time.  Its a character based story which can turn some people away if they’re into it for the plot, but I thought it was pretty good.