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Lights. Camera. Actor.

Okay so I have to pick a movie to start with and I’m going to go ahead and select Gatsby. I was unbelievably excited for this, I saw it the day it came out, I’d been looking at all the sneak pics and whatnot, and I have to say that it only sort of delivered what I thought. First, as it is a book conversion, it adhered to the novel so well. It was amazingly accurate. However, they made some really poor production choices, namely musical, of which I was really not a fan. I understood their attempts at parallelisms and relating to the audience, but I thought it was, frankly, stupid. Toby Maguire was what I expected - good physically, not so great vocally. Carey Mulligan was casted beautifully as a Daisy and, as expected, Leo DiCaprio was a glorious Gatsby. The last third of the movie was really well done, just intense and true to canon and really fun, so go see it because books are great and it had my whole group of friends gasping in nerves even though we spent ages filling out a 60 page packet on the book earlier this year.

Something really awesome happened to me today guys…

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I think I missed a section of these, but here is Part 2 (Part 1)

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I found this article in a theatre magazine a while back and thought it was pretty interesting and the full book ought to be coming out soon, so I will keep my eye out for that.
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London’s theatre scene has it all. Find out more about the iconic Theatreland district. Original image by Looking Glass.

London’s theatre scene has it all. Find out more about the iconic Theatreland district. Original image by Looking Glass.

I have missed you guys. 

Okay I know I’ve promised to come back a lot of times and as of now I can’t guarantee my old splurge of daily movies because i ave a lot of things I’m trying to get done between school work and my own shit I’m getting on with but I think it would be really good for me to get started again. I’ve been gone a really really long time and for that I apologise, but I’m trying to work some thing out and get back on track. 

So, for now, expect pictures and recommendations and advice and findings, I have several things I really want to share, so I’ll get working on it and maybe I can get myself into a better mindset. Thank you all for not unfollowing me during all this, but I think the break has lasted long enough and this schedule is going to be good for me.

Love you all :D

I went out to see Skyfall finally last night with a group of my friends and I loved it. In the past, the Daniel Craig Bond has seemed, through no fault of Craig himself who I feel does incredibly with what he’s given, out of 007 character (though ore than any other time it was in Quantum of Solace, which could be attributed to the writer’s strike that came up during production). This one, however really didn’t seem to have that problem. As I said, Craig deos well and his intensity is as remarkable as the subtle vulnerability. Javier Bardem made one of the best Bond villains in some time, completely insane with the right level of brilliance and badassery. Judi Dench is a lovely M, I just completely love her in this part, especially given the more sentimental bit she has to do throughout this film. There were, of course, plot holes and things that were a bit beyond what I could really accept as realistic, it was minimal. The ending was… unexpected, and I’ll leave it at that. For any fans of Bond from the beginning, this will hold up to your standards. It has so many throwbacks and old references and really gets back to the heart of 007. Props to them!

“We belong to nobody, and nobody belongs to us”But sometimes this is hard to remember..

I love Breakfast at Tiffany’s I saw it for a second time ad have posted about it already BUT I love the way the characters are portrayed and their motives and the way they all sort of compliment each other. For what I suppose is a Romantic Comedy, I very much like it. And cat. I love cat in this.

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I need to see Skyfall. 

And the Hobbit needs to come out.


An actor must interpret life and, in order to do so, must be willing to accept all the experiences life has to offer. In fact, he must seek out more of life than life puts at his feet. In the short span of his lifetime, an actor must learn all there is to know, experience all there is to experience, or approach that state as closely as possible. He must be superhuman in his efforts to store away in the core of his subconscious everything that he might be called upon to use in the expression of his art.
James Dean

I was with my friend yesterday who is a huge Benedict Cumberbatch (who I must say is an impressively good actor) fan since Cabin Pressure and BBC’s Sherlock so for her birthday I got her a few of his movies / paraphernalia and we ended up watching Third Star. This movie felt so incredibly natural. Partially, of course this was because of good onscreen chemistry between the four main actors (Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Burke, JJ Field, Adam Robertson) that mad it seem like they’d known eachother for a long time. It’s an incredibly realistic story with realistic characters. That being said, it was a bit overdramatic at times to the point where it just feels like its pulling too hard to try to get an audience reaction, which really bothers me about films. So, yes, it is predictable until perhaps the final plot twist and some people who don’t really care about the character stuff I’ve talked about may find the middle incredibly slow, but I didn’t and I appreciated the realism (and tears) and thought provocation about life I got from the movie.



Jack Nicholson offered role as Robert Downey Jr.’s dad in The Judge

Warner Bros. hopes to sign on Jack Nicholson to play Robert Downey Jr.’s father in the courtroom drama, The Judge.  The summary for the film is as follows:

“‘The Judge’ centers on an attorney who returns home for his mother’s funeral only to discover that his estranged father, a judge who suffers from Alzheimer’s, is suspected of murder.”

Nicholson is notoriously picky in choosing his next project, only having done four films in the last decade.

RDJ has finished filming Iron Man 3 and has an empty schedule until the next year. Insiders say he intends to make The Judge his next project.

RDJ and Nicholson are said to meet later this week.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Collider)

Needless to say, I hope this pans out…

A quote for all the artists of the world.

A quote for all the artists of the world.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

Tips on Auditions

Oh my God, I did auditions yesterday and see the cast list tomorrow for Macbeth… Understand that Lady Macbeth is a character that I have loved forever and I may cry of joy if I get the role. That being said, our director is doing something pretty cool and some of the other parts that I could possibly end up with would be pretty fun as well…

With all this in mind I just wanted to do a bit on auditioning and all that because it’s so much of a part of what we have to do and we have to do it so often, it’s said that an actor’s job is auditioning. I absolutely love auditioning, I’ve looked into it quite a bit, figuring out what’s the best strategy, so here’s just a bit of what I’ve found out. Getting good at doing cold readings/monologues etc. can be one of the most instrumental skills in being successful.

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